Totten Inlet mussels simmered in white wine with saffron, fennel, leeks, tomato-basil butter and garlic toast $22.00 

Bruschetta with fresh mozzarella, basil-hazelnut pesto and marinated tomato salad $21.50 

Warm salad of fall vegetables, Pugliese lentils, mushrooms, pumpkin seed oil and apple balsamic vinegar $20.00

Salad of autumn greens, toasted hazelnuts and herb vinaigrette $14.00  with blue cheese add $3.00

Grilled curried cauliflower with Halloumi cheese, garbanzos, vegetables, mint & sumac vinaigrette and roasted pistachios $19.00

Chilled tomato gazpacho with Albacore tuna confit, vegetable salpicon and garlic croutons $20.00

Select Pacific oysters on the half shell with a sweet chili granite $20.00

Open faced grass fed beef brisket pastrami, aged Face Rock cheddar, aioli and caramelized onions on grilled stout sour rye $20.00 served with salad or soup 

Vesuvio pasta with a ragout of braised lamb, eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, Pecorino Romano cheese and garlic bread crumbs $22.50

Grilled grass fed beef burger on a hearth baked bun with aioli  $21.00 served with salad or soup, choice of cheddar or blue cheese $2.00 add applewood smoked bacon $3.00  


$12.00 Each - $50 grand platter


Alsatian – duck, pork cherries & hazelnuts
Pasztet – chicken, liver, bacon, & almonds


Brandied duck liver moussette with port wine aspic

Salami & Sausages

Salami, mortadelle & cotto


Select domestic and imported cow, goat or sheep cheese with accompaniments