Apricot Pistachio Tart

apricot coulis and buttermilk ice cream

*Domaine Des Schistes Solera (NV) Rivesaltes, France $16.00


Peach Cobbler

local peaches, spiced Chantilly cream

*Quinta da Romaneira 10 year Tawny Porto $12.00

Chocolate Pot de Crème

black currant jelly, Chantilly cream, honeycomb candy


*Château De Léberon Vin Mute De Gascogne NV France $16.00


Summer Berry Brown Butter Cake

local berries and honey rosemary ice cream


*Castelnau De Suduirat Sauternes 2016 Bordeaux $14.00

Ice Cream and Sorbet

choice of seasonal sorbets and ice creams,

served with chef’s selection of cookies and candy

Fruit and Cheese Plate

a selection of local and European specialty cheeses served with seasonal fruit and nuts  $19.50

*Leahcock’s 5 year Madeira $8