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Greg & Greg’s Pantry Provisions

Chef Greg Higgins and Cheesemonger Greg Hessel from Cow Bell Cheese have teamed up to share some of their favorite items to have on hand to stock in the fridge and pantry. Some—like the cheeses, charcuterie and pickles—are ready serve and enjoy. Others are amazing ingredients to embellish a pasta, risotto, or whatever you’re cooking up!

Cheeses & Butter

Rodolphe Meunier Comte 18 mo. — Jura, France. Made with fresh, raw milk from Montbéliard cows that graze on summer alpine pastures teeming with wild dandelion, this cheese is intense and meaty, with a dense texture, loads of crunchy tyrosine crystals, and classic flavors of beef broth, caramelized onion, brown butter and hazelnuts. $11.5/8 oz

Sbrinz Alpage AOP — Switzerland. Made with milk from brown cows that graze on Swiss Alpine pastures, this full-flavored, extra hard cheese was aged three years and features a delicate blend of wildflowers and herbs upfront with subtle notes of toasted caramel, pineapple, and toffee. $13/8 oz

Fromagerie Bergers du Larzac​ — La Cavalerie, France. Located less than 10 miles from Roquefort-sur-Soulzon, this cheese cooperative is operated by a maître fromager working with local shepherds who deliver rich raw milk every day of the producing season. $12/8 oz

Tomme L’Estaing — Larzac, France. Semisoft raw sheep’s milk cheese with deep mushroom aromas and sweet and hazelnut flavors. $12/8 oz

Mopsy’s Best — Black Sheep Creamery — Adna, Washington. Mild raw sheep’s-milk tomme aged nearly 10 months with nutty undertones, soft fruit flavors, and a dense paste studded with crystals. $12.50/8 oz

Stracchino di Capra — Lombardy, Italy. Slightly-ripened goat's milk cheese aged about 45 days with a semi-soft, elastic, straw-colored paste, a thin pinkish rind, and a sweet flavor with an acidic taste. $11.50/8 oz

Rodolphe le Meunier Beurre de Baratte — Normandy, France. Carefully selected, gently churned butter with a deep golden color, a rich, full flavor, and the perfect amount of Fleur de Sel. $8.50 each


Greg Higgins & SP Provisions Salami—Portland, Oregon. Dynamic salamis including Finnochiona, Cacciatore, Felino, Soppressata, and Salchichón. $10 each

Alsatian-style terrine of duck with cherries. $10/8 oz

Pasztet Polish terrine of chicken, liver & bacon with almonds. $10/8 oz

Spiced Pork Rillettes. Spreadable slow cooked pork confiture with chilies, brandy, spices & herbs. $10/8 oz


Poschiavo Spaghetti — Switzerland. A toothy, nutty pasta made from coarsely ground durum wheat and local mountain spring water. $8/500 g

Paolo Petrilli Tomatoes — Puglia, Italy. An organic long tomato variety hand-picked when fully ripe, blanched for a few seconds, hand peeled whole, and hand packed in glass jars with a fresh basil leaf. $14/35.3 oz

La Brujula Conservas Sardinillas Guisadas (Fried Sardines in Sauce) — Galicia, Spain. Native Mediterranean sardines with a delightfully delicate texture and a tender, flavorful and rich belly. $10/119 g

Oil & Vinegar

Marques de Valdueza Extra Virgin Olive Oil — Spain. A blend of award-winning, estate grown and pressed Arbequina, Hajiblanca, Picual, and Marisca Spanish olive varietals picked at optimal ripeness and crushed onsite within minutes of being picked. $21/500 ml

Tremayne Food & Drink Artisan Malt Vinegar — Cornwall, England. Unpasteurized and unfiltered small-batch artisan malt vinegar made with barley malts and slow-fermented in oak barrels, providing an acidity balanced with rich, malty flavors of caramel and dark chocolate, oak notes, and a brilliant depth of flavor. $9/250 ml


Bread & Butter Pickles. $9/pint

Smoky Root Veggie Pickles. $9/pint

Chili & Honey Roasted Hazelnuts. $13/8 oz

Les Moulins Mahjoub Certified Organic Fig Jam — Tunisia. $7/240 g